Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kim kardashian naked. Pics again.

Kim kardashian naked. New pics from google.

kim kardashian nakedkim kardashian nakedkim kardashian nakedkim kardashian naked
Poll Did I CHEAT ON MY GF? long story short. JRC my best friend came to me easy for me to fix their laptop. She's got a killer body, I think Kim Kardashian level. While this is not a full-court press in an attempt to seduce me .. he was naked, came to his knees, etc., etc. Of course, I was really excited, but nothing happened. But at the same time kinda taken by a man i dont take $ from anyone. Be it a man or a chick. So I thought, if it is raised in these Biitch. Hob on my shoulders, she took her into the living room. And gave her a beating. At the last spank of 40, she was wet. Hob them again on my shoulder, has her clothes / laptop and left the apt at my door. Closed the door to her scream you're a Azz! You need to gay! You do not know what youre missing blah blah blah. Gf came home late at night classes and I told her everything. It is now sulking and ignoring me. I did something wrong? They think I CHEATED !!!????
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