Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paris hilton sex. Oops pics!

Paris hilton sex. Cool picz...

paris hilton sexparis hilton sexparis hilton sexparis hilton sex
My friend got drunk and ...? well my friend was being an idiot and walking around with the wrong people that smack and doing drugs and sex and things, and we are both Catholics 15 years Old Boys. He knows that getting drunk is a mortal sin (really bad), but did anyway. Most children these days and all celebrities do drugs and premarital sex and get drunk and it is a culture of death. my friend tried to defend himself and said, well look at porn and masturbating is just as bad or worse, getting drunk and smoking. but everyone knows thats not true. called me the day after he did it and acted all proud and said it felt so good and stuff, but thats a lie it seems that it feels good but its not. These days society (celebrities like Paris Hilton and almost all the celebrities) make it seem like having sex before marriage and do drugs and getting drunk is good when it is really bad. babys and saying killing is good and all that stuff is not a great, well thats a lie. I'm sick.
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